My homies Trevor and Joshua are working on a financial services company for native Spanish speakers in the United States

You’ll get the opportunity to work with my homie Julia

My homie Zoe will teach you how to make the best documents

Help my homie Shri help people get jobs. So meta.

My homie Elisa wants to help turn you into a CTO

Atomic Financial
All the cool kids work in FinTech, like my homie Daniel Winn

Electric cars are cool, but electric trucks are cooler. Ask my homie Sean Gates

I’d seriously consider taking this job just for the Barry Bonds hot takes you’d be bombarded with from my homie Brad Warner

Its rare to find a super early role with a team with the track record of my homie Spencer

Black Thorn
Here’s a role with an early stage team building software for the construction industry. Work with my homie Rob

Bunch of homies at Bloomtech(fka Lambda School). Great team, important mission, some of the best times of my life working with this group.

Loom is one of my favorite products to use, and you could work with my homie Nate

Seems like every team I know of is using Retool for something. You could work there with my homie Tommy

My Jobs

Plaid is doing a lot of hiring right now. Here’s a couple that would work closely with me:

Engineering Manager

Experienced Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Fine Print

I’m not being paid to promote any of these roles (although if someone offered, I’d sell out and take the money immediately – So if you ever see a job post on here for the New York Yankees, you’ll know thats what happened).

If you’d like your job included or removed, drop me a line.

If you’re browsing feel free to apply directly to any role, or drop me a line if you want an intro.